What is Triptik ?

"Triptik" is a short passport for your car. When traveling, you must carry your passport with you. Also You must carry your car passport.
Triptik is a customs traffic document for the vehicle and it valid for one year from the date of issue. And its ends on the expiration date or expiration of pages like all travel documents.
Make sure for Triptik validity when you are abroad, this will expose you to large financial penalties .. Make sure to contact the place to issue your Triptik for renewal before the expiration date.
please note that the allowed period your car to stay in foreign country is three months can be renewed.
Specifically, Egypt Customs allows for the release of the car with a temporary entry system for three months renewable for another similar period. You may also be issued six months at the beginning of entry, after which you must leave the country for a similar period of time so that you can enter it again or you can store it in Egyptian customs warehouses for a similar period for the duration of your stay in the country.

How did we got the idea ?

In 1954 and 1956, the United Nations established a system whereby the World Tourism Associations (the International Tourism Federation based in Geneva and symbolized by AIT) and the FIA (FIA) agreed that the main clubs of each country would ensure payment of customs duties on behalf of club clubs Which is responsible for the issue) in respect of vehicles imported by its members in the countries concerned as tourists. Accordingly, ordinary customs duties shall be payable if the members of the TRT are not allowed to re-export their vehicles from any country within the period specified in the Conventions, ie after 3 or 6 months or years.
To facilitate the interpretation of the above, any person gets Triptik for his car from our company and travels to any country, the club in that country will be a representative, guarantor and responsible with the customs of his country for any car that violates the laws and does not leave the country at the end of the period granted. That is, each club is a representative and guarantor of its own customs to other members of the International Associations (AIT or FIA). Each club must take the measures it deems appropriate at the local level in order to ensure and ensure reconciliation before the customs claims received from other clubs. Clubs require a financial guarantee and some personal insurance on conditions dictated by the nature of the country. It is clear that the Triptik is an international document issued by the World Federation of Tourism and Tourism in Geneva (AIT) or the International Federation of Motor Vehicles (FIA) of Paris (FIA) and both of which are based on the United Nations (UN).
The importance and value of this book is that it exempts the car owner from paying a cash guarantee equal to the customs duties due on his car in the country which he enters. For example, if the car owner has a television or video device, etc..., he will certainly pay the customs duties due to him or pay cash insurance Recover when leaving the country after confirming the existence of the device in possession, So what do you think about car?
For this purpose came the idea of "Triptik", So its the international document accepted by the customs in all countries to allow the car to enter without providing security or other customs treatment. Because the club issuing this book guarantee the payments of customs duties, if the car entered any country and didn't Leave for any reason after the expiration of the period granted to her to remain in that country. The car owner must maintain this book of damage or loss and return it back to the club when the purpose of the end or expiration.

Warranty and Guarantee

The guarantee is for the customs duties owed to the car and not to the persons themselves. The responsibility of the club does not change with nationality of cars owners, Therefore the guarantee must be requested from every car owner wishing to obtain "Triptik".
The guarantee shall be returned to the sponsor or guarantor after the return of the customs transit book in accordance with the customs procedures by returning the vehicle to the country of registration or to bring a customs certificate proving the payment of customs duties due to the customs of that country.
It is not permissible to leave the car in a country without paying the customs duties. The vehicle's theft, fire or damage does not relieve the owner or guarantor of responsibility. In such cases, he must carry out the procedures and then check with the Customs Department in that country for customs reconciliation. Or pay the prescribed fees on the car.

To got your Triptik you have to bring the following:

1- Copy of valid passport to vehicle owner and the commissioners of the driving.
2 - A copy of the Qatari ID card of the owner of the vehicle and the commissioners of the driving.
3 - A copy of the Qatari driver's license for the owner of the vehicle and the commissioners of the driving.
4 - A copy of the Qatari car license.
5 - A copy of authorization document in case the traveler is not the original owner.
6 - A copy of the identity card of the joint sponsor of the individuals or a copy of the establishment registration of the companies.
7- Filling all fields of the application form for Triptik in clear line.
8 - Signing the car owner to the issuance request as well as the authorization of the commissioners of the driving.
9. Signing of the joint sponsor on the request for issuance and authorization in the case of individuals or signing with the official seal of the company in the case of companies.
10. All documents submitted must be valid and Submit the original for the match..
11. Be careful to write addresses and phones clearly and thoroughly.
Download Triptik request form. Click Here
Download a car authorization form. Click Here