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Captain transport and services was established in May 2010 subjected to the law of establishment of companies in Qatar.
Taking into consideration that the company has an experience and activities in the field of transport since 1995 as an extension of the experience of the founding partners of the company in the field of road transport in Gulf Cooperative Council, Arab Republic of Egypt, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.
Our long experience in transportation and services is now in your hands. Feel free to contact us any time, We have a team ready to answer all questions.

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TRACK MY shipment

Now you can track the path of your shipment from the moment it starts until it reaches its destination through (container number , captain bill number Or shipping line bill number).


One of companies owned by Captain Transportation & Services, which provide unique and distinctive services in the field of Construction.
It was founded in 2014, however, according to the experiences of its staff, the company has well established potentialities.
All employees in the concerned sections were selected according to their previous experiences. For instance, the CEO and the Director of construction management enjoy an experience with more than 8 years in the field of construction in Qatar.
In addition, the manager technical support management and the Director of Finance and Administration have an experience with more than 10 years.

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