It is a great honor to introduce you "Captian for Transport and Services" as an fully integrated shipping system aimed to improv the concepts of shipping and travel in the Qatari market.
I am really proud of what Captain has achieved since established in 2010 and success in facing the various crises.
We achieve these achievements with the support and hard work of all of our staff. Our team exceeded the expectations set by our customers and achieved successes beyond the goals set by them.
What you will find with "captain" is the amount of professionalism, experience and sincerity of our team. which we are always working to support and develop everything new in their field of specialization through workshops and training.
captain's team operates under the concept of "we are always happy to serve customer" We really care for our customers, their comfort and the successful arrival of their shipments. One of Our main principles Is the commitment to achieve all that has been agreed upon with our customers through transparency, credibility, attention to detail and implementation of the objectives tasks and orders required in their "specified time" smoothly and in paper.
"Mohamed Mahmoud Aaref"


The company's main target is to provide an integral and easy transport with a suitable and effective cost for companies and individuals. Therefore, the company is doing its best for providing various types of services in the field of integrated transport as well as its ability to submit all stages of door-to-door shipping.


The company’s main target is to be the best choice for any customer as being a partner in Qatar that offer services and solutions to the integrated transport to and from all parts of the world. In addition, we seek to provide the best for our customers, employees and shareholders.


Providing an easy, economic, feasible and safe integrated transport.


Credibility: Keeping Our Promises

We are committed to the highest ethical standards providing a constant and dependable level of service. Furthermore, we devote ourselves towards the society where we live and work. We are adhered to protect the environment and conserving the natural resources as well as following up the procedures and providing safe workplaces and equipment.


We are distinguished by our ability to find innovative solutions designed to meet or exceed the requirements of our customers. and to overcome the obstacles to maximize the productivity of available resources through common cooperation with an integrated team.

Learning And Self-Development Capacity

we believe that success and development of our company is based on success of every member in the company. therefore, we significantly seek to fulfill continuous improvement as a company and individuals.

Establishing A Partnership

our customers’ success is the main and real propellant power to our work . Thus, we do our best with our partners to recognize their requirements through new techniques. we are believing establishing lasting relationships and achieving mutual benefit through our resources our supplier depending on all members of the team.

Code of Ethics and basics of Professional deals

We are committed for working on the basis of the highest standards of professional dealings and ethics by compliance for the principles and applying these principles when making decisions and in the performance of daily work.
Taking the responsibility when making career decisions to ensure proper health and safety and preserving public interest, therefore, our company adhere to inform the responsible authorities about any potential risks.

Avoiding Any Deceptive Or Malicious Acts That Lead To Harming Others, Their Property, Reputation Or Any Danger That May Affect Their Jobs. Our Company Do Its Best To Eliminate Or Reduce The Negative Effects Of Any Unintended Damage.

Commitment Of Faithfulness And Accuracy And Objectivity, And To Be Gain Confidence Of Our Customers When Making Any Statements Or Technical Consultation Based On The Available Information.

Respecting Contracts And Agreements And Various Functional Responsibilities.

Providing Customer Service In A Good Faith And Diligence To Ensure Presenting Real- Value Services.

Preserving Our Efficiency And Professional Development, And Not To Provide Any Service Unless We Are Qualified To Provide Through The Required Experience Or Training Or After The Announcing The Limits Of Our Capabilities Frankly.

We Are Committed To Protect And Conserve The Environment From Any Damage During Our Work By Following Up And Applying Qatari And International Standards Of Quality, Health And Safety.

Accepting And Offering Constructive Criticism And Admit Mistakes With Pleasure By Taking The Appropriate And Quick Steps To Modify Those Errors Or Prevent Their Occurrence.

Enhancing The Functional Conditions That Protect The Rights And Interests Of All Our Workers.

Respecting Everyone And Providing Equal Opportunities And Non-Discrimination In The Transaction, Regardless Any Considerations Relating To Religion, Ethnic Or Sex, Gender, Age Or Physical Condition Or Political Tendencies.

Prohibiting The Acceptance Of Any Types Of Gifts Or Commissions Leading To Obtain Any Preferential Or Unfair Treatment.

Respecting And Protecting Private Rights Of Property Including Intellectual Property.

Evaluating Ideas And Posts And Other Efforts.

Respecting Confidentiality Of Information And Peculiarities Of Others By Keeping Personal Information That We May Get During Our Dealings Unless We Get Authorized Permission Or According To Law.

Fair Competition And Supporting Participation Related Professional Activities.

justice and fair competition and support participation in professional forums related to the activity.